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Wisdom Work Press creates and publishes wisdom-based books on places, poetry, photography, spirituality, and wellness and complementary medicine.


don_white backgroundDr. Don Iannone owns and manages Wisdom Work Press. Don’s career spans 4 decades in the fields of economic and community development, environmental conservation, complementary medicine, and higher education. He has worked in 32 U.S. states and 10 countries, and his clients have included several federal and state government agencies, local governments, community and regional organizations, colleges and universities, and major healthcare systems. Over the past 5 years, Don and his wide Mary have worked as complementary medicine caregivers and advisors to the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center. Don also teaches philosophy courses at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles and graduate business courses at Transcontinental University in Columbus, Ohio.

Don holds Doctor and Master of Divinity degrees, a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Mind-Body Medicine, and a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. In addition, he holds a Professional Diploma in Economic Development, and he has completed some graduate studies in Management and Organizational Behavior. He is the author of 2 books on contemporary spirituality, 6 books of poetry, and 7 photography books. Don is the author of over 30 articles, book chapters, and monographs on economic development and environmental conservation. Don lives in Geauga County, Ohio with his wife Mary.

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Coming Soon: Glimpsing the Soul of Auburn Lakes

New “sense of place” photography book

My wife Mary and I moved to Auburn Lakes Condominium Community in July 2021. Auburn Lakes is located in Auburn Township, Ohio in the southwestern corner of Geauga County, just minutes from the Village of Chagrin Falls. Glimpsing the Soul of Auburn Lakes is a book comprised of photographs I captured during a six-month time period, July-December 2021. As a photographer, I am accustomed to using a camera to learn about and experience places. This is precisely how my photographic journey began at Auburn Lakes.